Blogmas: Punk Genres

Today I learnt something new. Okay, most days I learn something new, but today was by accident.

We watched 9 today as part of our film afternoon. This film is famous for being ‘stitchpunk’; the lead characters are sewn together, literally. It’s a beautiful with big ideas, simply told and a lot darker than we remembered. It’s actually pretty scary in places.

The film 9

Afterwards, I looked up to see if there was anymore stitchpunk out there. I didn’t have much luck so please let me know if you know any. But I did discover all the genres of various ‘punks’. Seems you can punk anything lately.

I came across this very comprehensive list


and was amazed at how punks had been broken down so much. I mean ‘elfpunk’ really?

Original cover of Tithe by Holly Black – check out this blog post

But the next thing I wanted to do was find examples of each of these punks as either book or film. The big punks were easy; Atompunk is Fallout, Steampunk, Parasol Protectorate, Dungeonpunk possibly The Dresden Files, Oceanpunk, Waterworld anyone? Biopunk, isn’t that a computer game? Clockpunk, The Clockwork Century books, and of course Cyberpunk which at the moment is Altered Carbon for us.

The Clockwork Century books

But bronzepunk, decopunk, ecopunk, cassette futurism? I’m a little stuck now.

But it has shown how wide science fiction is and that there really is something for everyone out there. I might even draw up a reading list for each punk. Give me time though, it’s a bit manic here at the moment.

Blog posts to visit today;

Happy reading!


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