Blogmas: 2021 Reading Journal

The last couple of years I have received a reading journal in Fairyloot’s December box. this year we didn’t, but that’s okay. I use Goodreads and now Storygraph to keep track of my reading. I have my own excel spreadsheet set up (thank you hubby – he’ll take orders) and I have my own bullet journal too.

So I thought for this blog post, I’d share my bullet journal layout for the first half of next year.

I like to keep track of my actual reading each day, so half a reading check page. I fill in each box depending on how long I’ve read for the day. Some months look great, others less so.

I’ve decided to have one page dedicated to books I buy. Rather than hiding the long list each month, I’m trying to keep track a bit better and contain my buying habits a bit. A book buying ban is just not going to happen in this house, but I do want to be a bit more aware of how many books I am buying, especially as I’m not getting around to reading them all.

Turn the page and this is the main part of the journal. A page a month, keeping it tidy and simple. Borrows, reads, and my presence. I’m expecting this to change a lot as it’s looks like we’re going to be bouncing between tier restrictions and lockdowns for some time.

I need to do a page for my reading challenge, which I haven’t finalised yet, and I don’t know if I’m setting reading goals this year again. Any readathons I do, will go after June’s page just to keep things tidy.I quite like having the readathon information all together.

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Happy reading!


  1. I love this! Now I’m off for Christmas I’m going to be going through my bullet journal and my excel spreadsheet to see how I’ll be setting things out for next year. Hoping for something similar to yours and to learn from what I didn’t like about last year!

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